Since we are a relatively young company we have very little history to talk about, but Konmek started in 2004 by a group of machine engineers specialized in manufacturing power pins, coaxial pins and smaller connector components with CNC Lathe machines. Back then our registered name was Din Chen Wu Enterprises.

In 2006 we expanded the assembly line production to assemble regular d-sub connectors using pins made in-house.


With the addition of connector specialists in to the company in 2007 we expanded our product range into covering not only regular d-sub connectors but also waterproof and now filter d-sub connectors. We also got our ISO 9001 Certification this year.

In 2008 we started selling overseas and since then we are rapidly building up an international sales and marketing team. This year we also changed our name into Konmek Inc.

Now we are a D-Sub Connector company.